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If you are looking for a great card game to start playing at a mobile Australian casino, then we would highly recommend that you start off with blackjack. Because this game is easy to learn, and is just as easy to play, it is the perfect game to get you started at mobile casinos. There is a reason that Australian players have been enjoying this game for generations, and there is no time to waste in joining in with the thrill and excitement of this great game.

The best news is that all Australian players can play this incredible game directly from the screen of their smartphone. Whether you use an Android device, an iPhone, an iPad, or even a Windows phone, just register with one of the best mobile casinos, and start playing without any further delay. Blackjack is great mixture of luck and strategy, but the strategy is not too complicated that it will put off newbie players.

All you need to do is understand some of the basic fundamentals, and then you are all set to start playing and to hopefully start winning. Games or hands are also really quick, so if you make a bad call on one hand, you can make up for it by winning big with the next cards you are dealt.

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Blackjack is also been known as 21, which perhaps better describes the overall objective of the game. Players are dealt 2 cards to start off with, and can then decide whether to get dealt extra cards, or to just stay as they are. The objective is to try and get cards with values that add up to 21, or as close to 21 as possible. However, if the value goes over 21, then you immediately go bust. So there is very often a big risk to being dealt any extra cards. The ace is a great card, because you can decide whether it will be worth 1 point, or 11 points, depending on what suits you best for that round.

The values of the other cards are all fixed. Players attempt to beat the bank while playing blackjack. So if for instance, you have 18 points in your hand, and the bank has 17 points in their hand, then you collect the winnings. Of course it is up to you how many hands you would like to play. Because you are playing on a mobile device, depending on how much time you have available, you could choose to play just a couple of hands, or alternatively play for the whole afternoon. You decide when it’s time to withdraw your winnings.

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For the best place to play mobile blackjack, just tap on any of the links we have provided. These links will take you directly to the site of the best mobile casinos in Australia, all of which can be accessed from the touchscreen of your smartphone. Get to know this wonderful game, and before long you might be considering yourself a bit of an expert. If you are looking for the next level in entertainment, with great opportunities to win, then don’t delay in registering, and then playing this incredible game.